• Brendan Lynch

    A Walk

    OMNI is pleased to present Brendan Lynch’s newest exhibition, A Walk the Los Angeles-based, artist graduated from the Education School of Visual Arts with B.F.A., and in 2011 he earned an M.F.A from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

  • Brendan Lynch’s “A Walk” presents a body of work that spans size, style, and time. The paintings are presented on the floor and joined edge to edge, holding each other accountable in creating a newfound landscape. Each piece, created without awareness of the others, surrenders to the new scenery, allowing the works to claim a sense of belonging while affirming their individuality. 


    In addition to his own work, Lynch invited thirty artists from various backgrounds to contribute paintings that hide in plain sight amongst his own. 

  • A smaller space within the gallery is occupied by Lynch’s “Bob”; a monochromatic pastiche containing 89 distinct works, each presenting a point of interest to the artist at a particular moment in time.  These individual works have been gradually covered in paint and by each other, removing their status as individuals and becoming unified as a collective.  This process allows them to exist and disappear in time, while gaining freedom from their discrete narratives.


  • Featured Artists


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