Travis Fish

  • Travis Fish, Los Angeles, CA

    Travis Fish

    Los Angeles, CA

    Describing himself as ‘sweater obsessed’, Los Angeles based artist Travis Fish, takes his love of sweaters to the next level, utilising branded sweaters and sport hoodies as his canvas. Fascinated in how items of clothing function in society, Fish monumentalises each item transforming them into icons in their own right. His large-scale paintings often evoke the fabric of the garments, allowing him to control the intersection between art and fashion. 

  • Travis Fish’s brightly hued paintings also feature caricature portrait of celebrities including Hip-Hop trio, Migos; declared unequivocally as ‘the greatest of all time’ by Fish. Fish garners inspiration from Instagram and often names his large acrylic works after popular fashion designers like Versace / Kith and LV/Dior. Fish prioritises spontaneity throughout his practice, replacing clean lines with fluid edges and intentional mistakes. 



  • Fish completed a BFA from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. Recent solo and group exhibitions include Tennis Elbow Window The Journal, NYC, Three Coats, Two Sweaters. He recently mounted his first solo show in Asian, titled ‘Photocopy breakfast’. Travis Fish works between New York and Wisconsin.