• Rolankay, Santiago, CHL


    Santiago, CHL
    Rolankay is known for his visceral paintings and drawings that explore analogies of psychological tension. 
  • Drawing on a range of sources, from the works of Matisse to paintings from Japan’s Edo period, Rolankay crafts enigmatic narratives that consider how human beings relate to their surroundings, objects, and animals. In his bold visual language, his works are reminiscent of dreamlike sequences, blurring the line between fantasy and reality. His work has been exhibited at Espacio Andrea Brunson in Santiago and Sobering Galerie in Paris and he has published two books Apariciones (2021, Libros Tadeys) and Zanshin (2017, Editorial DAMN). Recently, Rolankay was selected among the finalists for the XV MAVI UC Young Artists Award by the Museum of Visual Arts in Santiago. Rolankay lives and works in Santiago, Chile.