• Anthony White , Seattle, USA

    Anthony White

    Seattle, USA

    Anthony White’s work employs diverse aesthetic mediums including intricate portraits, still lifes, and objects meticulously spun from common PLA plastic.

  •  His work engages with the hierarchies of status and wealth by placing trivial souvenirs and low-brow accouterments in luxurious environments. Since graduating from Cornish College of the Arts, the Seattle-based artist and curator has exhibited a Solo Presentation Booth at EXPO Chicago 2019, as well as a solo exhibition (BLACK FRIDAY) at PUBLIC Gallery in London, Greg Kucera Gallery, and participation in a group show at KÖNIG Galerie Berlin. In 2021, White was the recipient of  Seattle Art Museum Betty Bowen Award, the 2020 Neddy Painting Award, as well as a 2020 Fellowship Award from Artist Trust.