David Leggett

  • David Leggett, Los Angeles, US

    David Leggett

    Los Angeles, US

    Renowned visual artist, David Leggett is known for his punchy and politicised works that take cue from many popular culture topics.

  • Tackling themes head on, Leggett explores themes of racial injustice, violence and the oppression of mankind, often incorporating text, photography and portraits, specifically within the American context. Leggett likes to play with his compositions, channeling hip hop, art history and sexuality with vibrant colours, puns and vernacular cultural references throughout a multidisciplinary language. 


    David Leggett received a Bachelor’s of Fine Art from Savannah College of Art and Design (2003), and an MFE from the School of Art Institute of Chicago (2007). He has also run a daily blog, Coco River Fudge Street, that started in 2010 and ended in 2016. Since then, his artwork has shown across the United States, with exhibition highlights including the recent solo show at Anthony Gallery in Chicago (2021) and a group show at the Long beach Museum of Art in Long Beach (2022). David Leggett works and lives in Los Angeles, California.